Arise and Shine


Should we sit down and await death, or make a decision to arise and move forward?.

Another thing that God expects of us, is to shine. To shine can be described variously, such as to produce or reflect light; to be bright; to be good at something; to be easy to notice. This book is made up of teachings about people in the Bible who arose and shone in spite of their circumstances. They rose to the challenge, and in the power of the Almighty God made history and shone ever so brightly. May you be inspired to Arise and Shine!

Prolog (Fragments)

" ... God wants you to set high goals for yourself. You need to have bigger dreams than you can handle. You need to strive to reach your goal. What are your visions and what are your dreams? You are where you are because you have chosen to be there. ... "

".... If you are in a place of comfort, reach out. Get dissatisfied with where you are. Set goals that are higher. It is time to move from the level where you are, to a level that God has set for you. I guarantee you; there is no demon in hell that can stop you from getting to your destiny. You are the only person who can hinder your dreams from coming to pass. There is no disability that can stop you from attaining the goals that you set for yourself. It doesn’t matter what your background is. No scheme of the enemy can stop you....."

‘God has given you a promise. Build yourself up in the most holy faith,because there is a battle to be won..’