Pray Without Ceasing


Over the years, I have taught and preached on the subject of prayer. God has opened my eyes to see and understand that prayer is the only firm foundation on which every believer’s life and ministry must be built..

I welcome you to read the following lessons. May God strengthen your prayer life so that not only will you pray, but you will pray effectively, unceasingly, powerfully and yield amazing results.

Prolog (Fragments)

" ... Think about a pregnant woman; during the last week of the ninth month, the baby that has been growing in the womb says, ‘Enough is enough. I am tired of being confined in the womb. Life has another side. As long as I stay in the womb, I will never grow.’ So, the baby makes up its mind and says, ‘I don’t care whether it is at a bus stop; I am breaking through.’ ... "

".... Some of you did not even wait for your mothers to get to the maternity home. You were too aggressive, you broke through at Gikomba. Some of you broke through in a matatu. You told your mother, ‘Get me out! I am coming out!’ Your mother tried to hold you, saying, ‘I will not push you out. You will be born in a maternity home, so that you can have a birth certificate.’ You told your mother, ‘Birth certificate or no birth certificate, I am breaking through! I am coming out!’ You declared while still in your mother’s womb that you didn’t want a certificate, you wanted to grow. You said, ‘I want to expand. I want to increase. I want my destiny.’ You were tired of being confined inside. You wanted to see the other side. You did not want to feed from your mother all your life. You wanted to get milk from your mother’s breast, and then you wanted to eat maize by yourself, and after that, you wanted to have your own home. It caused you to breakthrough. If you broke through your mother’s womb, you are going to break through this one. It doesn’t matter what is standing in the way, I am breaking through. It is okay if you choose to call me ‘Breakthrough,’ because I am breaking through....."

‘Maybe many things have come your way. You have been hit by storms. Darkness is round and about you. You are being tossed about. You can’t go forward, or backward, or sideways. You have lost hope and you don’t know what to do. If you can’t go forward, don’t make the mistake of going backwards or looking sideways. If your boat has been tossed, don’t give up. Anchor your boat on Christ, until the storm is over. Jesus Christ is a high tower! He will watch over you until the storm is over. Then He will call out to you, ‘Keep sailing and keeping going!’..’