A Cactus In The Desert

A Cactus In The Desert

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This is the amazing life story of one phenomenal woman who yielded to God and allowed Him to user her in extraordinary ways.

In her highly engaging and richly inspiring autobiography, Reverend Teresa Wairimu Kinyanjui takes you on a very eventful journey, right from her ancestry, through to her growing up in a Kenyan rural setup, and a defining moment of God’s call which culminated into spiritual encounters, spiritual miracles, signs and wonders

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Prolog (Fragments)

” … For me the joys, rewards and successes of ministry life outnumber the risks, dangers and discouragements that come along with the call. My greatest reward of all has been witnessing positive responses to salvation call in gospel meetings, conferences and revival meeting. … ”

“…. All other miracles are great, but they are secondary to the greatest of all. Forgiveness of sins is the only miracle that guarantees someone a place in heaven. I have happily witnessed tumors disappearing, blind eyes opening, deaf ears hearing, and the lame walking – in Jesus’ name. God has raised up people from coma and death beds, healed the incurable HIV-AIDS, mental illnesses, kidney failure, cancer, diabetes, brain tumors, skin conditions-among other diseases….”

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