Live By Faith

Live By Faith

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Living by faith is to trust God fully. Faith is the ability to accept as a reality that one cannot fully understand or comprehend or even see why events occur as they do. It is to see, hear, taste, touch and smell without using the five senses.

This book is a collection of a few messages I have taught or preached on subjects related to faith. It is my hope and prayer that your faith will be built, stirred and fired up so that living by faith becomes your daily mission. May you look at everything rough the eyes of faith, hear everything through the ears of faith and touch everything with the hands of faith. At the very end of your life’s journey, I pray that you will confidently say like Apostle Paul did in 2 Timothy 4:7: “I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith”

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Prolog (Fragments)

” … You cannot meet I AM until the fullness of time. He came and visited Moses in the wilderness, suddenly, without notice. God started all over again with Moses. How about Sarah? When God visited her, she felt good, like you and me, when we are given a prophecy. When God gives you a prophecy, you don’t want to walk on the floor; you want to walk on the heads of the people, saying, ‘God spoke, God said . . .’ Then, suddenly, God takes you by surprise and sends you to the wilderness. … ”

“…. When Sarah was visited by God, and God told her that she would be the mother of nations, she started walking pregnant and knitting sweaters. When people looked at her, she said, ‘It is a boy. His name is Isaac. He is a covenant child.’ People asked, ‘How do you know it is a boy?’ God had spoken to her before he was born and so she knew it was a boy. She walked pregnant for twenty five years before the promise was fulfilled! Ten years into the promise, she told her husband, ‘Many years have passed since I changed my name from Sarai to Sarah. God promised me that I will be a mother of nations…..”

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